How Do We Find the Desired Website?

Historical Context

  • Books evolved from written texts to radio adaptations, focusing on captivating readers with compelling ideas, attractive phrases, and design.
  • These techniques have been passed down and evolved to meet changing tastes and marketing demands.

Digital Age Impact

Dominance of Digital Marketing

  • Essential for quickly reaching target audiences via the internet.
  • Major challenge: Human minds are not the only target audience; search engines play a crucial role.

Role of Search Engines

Google's Dominance:

  • Establishing a strong relationship with search engines is vital.
  • Without it, websites risk being forgotten.

User Behavior:

  • Users often turn to Google instead of remembering URLs.
  • They refine their search queries due to high competition.

Traffic categories

  • Direct Traffic         
  • Organic Search


  • Organic Social 
  • Referral
  • Paid Search 
  • Other         

Direct Traffic

  • Source cannot be determined.
  • Includes typed URLs, bookmarks, or unlisted websites.

Organic Search

  • Unpaid search results

Organic Social

  • Traffic from social media posts (non-paid).


  • Traffic from other websites.

Paid Search

  • Traffic from paid ad results (e.g., Google Ads).


  • Includes traffic from mobile apps, emails, or unknown sources.