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Our collaborative partnerships enable us to offer a wide range of exams services tailored to meet your unique needs

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Artificial Intelligence

A set of algorithms that analyze your level. The testing system benefits from a large set of precise algorithms that analyze the student's behavior during both types of tests (tests for learning and studying, and tests for measuring abilities).

Diverse Tests

Test to learn and test to measure your abilities. Two types of tests have been developed to meet the students' needs from the first day of study until the General Secondary Exams. The student can choose a specific subject from their respective branch

Weak Points

Discover your weak points through the analysis of your tests. Discover the student's weak points by a set of highly accurate academic rules and criteria that track the students' performance when taking the tests by measuring several factors.

Extensive Question Bank

Questions Classified According to the Highest Academic Standards. The largest system for secondary school exams, where a selection of teachers from various schools, private academies, and government institutions have contributed to the development

Control Panel

Monitor Your Progress and Track Your Achievements with Ease. It is designed to the highest European standards for conducting tests in the easiest way possible and displaying all student needs in one place.

Rigorous Audit System

Question Reporting and Follow-up Feature. The process of auditing questions involves various stages, starting with the teacher entering the question, followed by linguistic review

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