Everything You Need to Know About Search Engine Optimization

Why Do We Write?


     Throughout history, books were written for humans to read with their eyes or by the sense of touch using “Braille” language. Over time, they evolved into audio products for listening. Significant effort has been invested in crafting ideas, selecting captivating language, and designing the text aesthetically to make it attractive to readers. These techniques have been handed down and perfected over generations to market and publish a variety of books, capturing the interest of readers.


      As the digital world came to dominate all types of products and services, digital marketing became an essential requirement due to its ability to quickly reach the target audience via the internet. However, this also introduced the greatest challenge.”
Blog Ramworld

Who Is Reading?

Google SEO

The human mind is no longer the sole target audience; accessing websites is no longer limited to their URLs alone. They are now dominated by various search engines, particularly Google. Therefore, those who fail to cultivate a robust relationship with these search engines and comply with their terms and conditions risk being overlooked and forgotten.

Yes, the competition is indeed very high!

To be more realistic, let’s analyze how a user comes up with any idea or service.

For starters, not everyone will remember every long or even short website address to type into the URL bar. Instead, they will directly turn to Google Search to help them find what they’re looking for. Drawing from their familiarity with advanced search techniques on Google, they will aim to input more detailed queries to narrow down results, given the high competition across various sectors.

If Google doesn’t know about your business, then it does not exist!

-Lana Elsafadi

Be Google’s friend and consistently strive to enhance every aspect of the website according to guidelines, terms, and conditions. This enables our dear friend Google to showcase you across all competitive websites.