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Charity Organization and you did not implement the governance conditions of Makeen?

Ramworld team helps you in building the best design for your website that displays the files and forms related to your association and its governance in a professional and formal way.

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platform that aims to connect governmental and private agencies, non-profit organizations, and the private sector concerned with social work

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Our Special Friends charity Pioneering charitable work to ensure that persons with disabilities obtain their rights.

Ramworld Technology Solutions provides an executive plan to implement all governance standards for non-profit organizations and approve websites according to the following steps:

1 Design and develop a website
2 Prepare sections and collect information
3 Publish the forms on the website
4 Get the degree

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 requires the governance and classification of non-profit organizations. The non-profit sector has received a large share of attention, and the vision aims to maximize its development impact and sustainability in a way that ensures achieving integration and organizing current efforts effectively to enhance its societal role.